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Heroes of Scion

Rada, Petro, Miami and TEGHD

The Heroes of Scion
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Scion RPG community
The Rada and Petro groups of Scions in games hosted by baronsamedi will be posting here mostly in character. Other games, including Miami and To Every God His Day will get posts as well now.

Rada Journals

Sam Gannon - Sam's Journal
Carina Theophilus - Carina's Journal
Storm - The Smoldering Journal
Jacob Marsh - Jacob's Journal
Helena Gottlieb - Helena's Journal
Cesar Acosta - Cesar's rants

Petro Journals

Adam Wednesday - Adam's Journal
Elisa Corazón - Elisa's stories
Erika Lacey - Erika's Journal, descriptions of Erika's Entourage
Ray Cloud - Tales of Ray's posse, Later tales of Ray's posse, and descriptions of Ray's Posse
Pierre de la Cimitiére - Pierre's Journal
T-Bone Walker - Stories of T-Bone

Parental Meetings and fiction

Thoughts from our esteemed Leader, baronsamedi

Miami Journals
Rosie Ember - Rosie's Letters
Pepito Corezon - Pepito's Journal
Zara Leveaux - Zara Stories
Saltmarsh Andy - Saltmarsh Andy's Journal

To Every God His Day

Cathy Keman - OOC Recaps
Miyako - Miyako Stories

Other Scions

Jihm Park - Jihm Park's tale
Rajani - Rajani's tales

MAD MACHINE - The project that has been long in the making. Petro and Rada get together to face their common enemy, Daitokuji Security, an agent of Mikaboshi. It starts with entries that cover all thirteen characters to show just how the Daitokuji go about getting our intrepid heroes together. (Sam and Pierre are posted by baronsamedi, T-Bone and Elisa are posted by penitent_tom and Adam and Anna are posted by soulfilter1)